Online Privacy...And Now We Need DARPA

DARPA, basically the founding institution of modern computing (think touch-screen, wireless capabilities, speech recognition, etc) and la I-n-t-e-r-n-e-t, has launched Project Brandeis - a program to ensure online privacy through technology. Not that they need it, but a little accolade for DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) will follow. The agency was founded in 1958, when Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik acted as the catalyst for America to also invest in science and technology programs, and basically exists today to ensure U.S military maintains technological superiority. They are independent of all other U.S R&D programs, and focus on high-risk, high-payoff change-state technologies leaning on a highly flexible, adaptive, non-bureaucratic and small-sized research program. You can read here some of their past accomplishments (of course what’s most relevant to the general population is the internet revolution) andhere some of their current endeavors. 

But cybersecurity and the lack thereof is so concerning that DARPA is now soliciting research proposals in an urge to protect the private and proprietary information of individuals and enterprises. And we all know cybersecurity needs, if anything, a revolutionary change of fixing itself. And NO, we do not need apps likeCyberDust to solve the fundamental issues surrounding online security, especially for enterprise purposes. As for CyberDust’s reason to exist as a social medium, if we did not want to post an Instagram picture, can we just not post it please? 

Speaking of security btw, Dutch scientists have now figured out a way to teleport data, and although quantum teleportation is in its super early stages, it can offer new forms of privacy in the future. 

“The Precondition to Freedom is Security” - Rand Beers