Where is Forbes’ “40 over 40” list?

I am a millennial and like most of us out there, I get impatient with time, or rather at the need of it to get to “where I want to be”. Part of it is the news out there: you only hear about them young-billion-dollar-net-worth individuals and companies going after “moon-shots. Or it could be Forbes 30 under 30 lists that make me feel all jittery and heartachingly desire a time-stopper. When one is less than 30 years of age and accomplished so much, inclusive and exclusive (although not too many of those out there) of all background biases, it is note-worthy indeed.

But then I look at Joanne Wilson, wife of Fred Wilson and an angel investor. Mrs. Wilson inspires me and in different ways than others do. As someone who did take her time to become as established as she is now, she gives me hope that I will survive without that time-stopper. Interestingly, while a lot of people know FW, thanks to avc.com and the success of Union Square Ventures (and yes I am an uber fan of his acumen), not a lot of people have heard of Gotham Gal. She has invested in 63 startups thus far (may I mention Num Pang is one of hers, alongside Blue Bottle CoffeeDailyWorthJustworksAdmittedly), but what makes her stand out is her passion towards fostering women founded startups and desire to sustainably balance work and life responsibilities. She was harassed as a female employee in her days, but remained determined to climb up the corporate ladder, although deciding to dedicate some years of her life to be a mom. Now she is fully engaged helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Isn’t it about time Wikipedia puts up a page on her?

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition" - Timothy Leary