Closing in on Transcendence

Food for thought - we might be closer to reaching technological singularity, the idea that machines and artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence resulting in an unpredictable event, than we think. I mean, look at developments like Thync (thank you CES reviews) - an app designing itself to digitally let you feel however you want to feel. Neuro meets tech meets geniuses and you can scratch all those coffee-bucks or soothing music players. Sounds a little eldritch but it would work by connecting a unit on your temple to a sensor on your neck - although the founders haven’t disclosed pictures of that device yet. Apparently they are unwilling to disclose much of the science behind it as well. But we know electrical pulses are delivered to your brain via the sensors to change your mood via an app – to be calm or energized. 

Now I haven't tried this myself but it does sound quite out of the world that Thync might actually potentially be crashing the multi-billion dollar coffee industry and / or those of certain other drugs in the near future. The electrical signaling won’t work for 20% of the population, although I wonder how dependent that % is on the user sample size and their individual characteristics. Yes, placebo effects from something like this would not be a wondrous thing, but I am assuming Thync is beyond capable of accounting for something like that during their research.

All in all, sincere respect to the sciences. 

"We are not going to fight them, we are going to transcend them" - Johnny Depp playing Dr. Will Caster in Transcendence