We are what we tour

Three great experiences I have had over the past week:

1)     Sleep No More – a strange interactive theatre experience where you follow (and I mean it in its actual physicality) the actors / actresses as they play out Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It takes place in a 5 floor hotel; the entire building is their set and everywhere the audience floor where you can inspect separate sets, run behind the actors, switch between acts and everything else you don’t imagine theatre to be in its typical sense. Please do yourself a favor and make it to this show. Following Macbeth might be the most worth your buck btw. 

2)     Escape the Room – this is for those in love with problem solving. You are locked in a room (they have a few different themes) and you have to find clues, connect the dots and solve puzzles to retrieve a key to unlock the room. Don’t worry, you are let out in 60 minutes in any event, but man was it fun. You will have a clue-master too to help guide you in case you are spending way too long on not the right clue. Probably best to go with a group of people you know just so that you can leverage team work and effective communication to solve the puzzles faster.

3)     Protohack NY – a product prototyping event advertised to be for non-coders or in other words a code-free hackathon. You don’t need a specific idea / team to participate, but it is a very useful (albeit ~14 hours on a Saturday) event for non technical people like me to see how UX actually works, how wireframes are developed, how to use applications the likes of invision to prototype websites, and all in a very collaborative fashion. If you have a pretty developed idea you want to prototype you can go in and hit it hard to win prizes. Otherwise, you leave with some pretty solid contacts, a worthwhile day with a diverse set of people and literate in something new.

"Doing is a quantum leap from imagining" – Barbara Sher