The In-Gadgets

I did make it out to Engadget Expand at the Javits Center this Saturday - an experiential event focusing on the future of technology. I liked that it was super interactive and not intensely focused on technically savvy individuals. An actual Oculus VR experience also helped me understand why it is indeed the future of gaming. Below are some of the demonstrations I thought are noteworthy:

  1.  Fove – less physical movement and more eye-vision oriented virtual reality experience to make it more immersive (instead of using a mouse or a keyboard, you can use your eyes to accomplish certain actions)
  2. 360fly – camera capturing everything in 360 degrees which literally encapsulates the entire experience. Think virtual reality viewing but with your actual memories. It’s hard to express in words, you have to try it.
  3. Dovetailed – 3D fruit printer. So yes, printer literally spitting out custom made food. Nuff said.
  4. Tellspec – a food scanner that tells you about allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories and ingredients in your food. Useful application for those with allergies / gluten-o-phobia and the calorie counters.
  5. SmartPen 2 – Bluetooth connected ink pen with real-time syncing capabilities to ipads / computers / phone. Thought it was a great tool for school-goers (or anyone taking lots of notes) to save notes digitally, share with classmates and organize effectively.

Btw, here’s a picture of me trying to fly an ExtremeFlier mini-drone (thanks SR); “trying” because there is a learning curve to flying it perfectly.  This could go up to 35 mph and stay airborne for 8 minutes before needing a 45 minute re-charge (hence the non-purchase). Video capabilities embedded for aerial and birds-eye view and a newer version of the camera will allow for immediate online stream. Pretty cool toy. Can’t wait to fly one on top of a mountain one day.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Sir Arthur Clarke