There can only be ONE “first post ever”

Obvious t. Why are you writing about this?

Well, because I am ECSTATIC that I finally got my domain, set up an account with Squarespace (how gorgeous is their interface btw), and started writing. I have wanted to start a blog for a couple months now! God damn Newton and his law of inertia. I am going to take advantage of the rolling motion now however and hope to write at least once a week. For the times I can’t, I will be sadder than you are, trust me. 

Why Squarespace and not WordPress, which according to a GoDaddy customer rep is the #1 blogging website in the world!? Well, maybe partially because of that, but also because I did fall in love with the Squarespace user interface. I read quite a few blogs comparing some (blogger, quora, weebly, google+, medium, etc), but none really came close to Squarespace’s design. I have also been told they have a better user friendly interface – once you fully learn how to navigate it that is. I did not realize though that their customer care team is via online (emails, chat) only and no voice. For those of you out there who needs a human voice for re-assurance (I am that person once in a while!), just a heads-up that a lot of setting up a Squarespace website will entail you reading through their FAQs.

I think short blog posts make for a wonderful attention-span-keeper, so I will bid goodbye now. Till tomorrow.

"The WORST thing you write is BETTER than the best thing you DID NOT WRITE" - Unknown