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Hi! I am Tas and I love thinking about businesses. I am currently at Harvard Business School with the class of 2020. Prior, I was an investor in venture and growth oriented media and technology companies at Cue Ball Capital, an evergreen fund in Boston. I spend a lot of time thinking about the future of work and the influential role of media in society. Beyond digital media and HRtech, I am interested in information services, financial technology, marketplaces, real estate, blockchain and AI. 

My goal with this blog is two-fold:

1. Provide resources and insight that I think might be interesting or helpful to the broader tech community. These posts are in the Tactics section. 
2. Provide my opinionated self a forum to reflect on certain topics I am interested in. These posts are in the Musings section. 

I grew up in Bangladesh and am particularly fond of all immigrant founders. I am extremely passionate about gender inclusion in board rooms, management teams and products, and sit on the board of a not-for-profit (BWPE.org) developing next generation female investors. I also helped lead Cue Ball's internal initiative in supporting women run ventures and female-category products. 

My personal goal in life is to travel the world (or at least most of it). The Gallery section showcases some of my travels to date. Reading and yoga is what keeps me sane. 


The TLDR Version: 

  • Bangladesh (0 - 17) --> Maine (17 - 21) --> NYC (21 - 24) --> Boston (24 - Present)

  • Mathematics, Economics, Spanish degrees from Bates College

  • Ex blue eagle @ Barclays Investment Bank, investor @ Cue Ball Capital and product manager @ Toast

  • Constantly seeking to learn & absolutely in love with media and technology

  • <3 reading, writing, mountains, adventures, health & wellness (give me tabata, barre, yoga, pilates & runs)


*[Opinions = my own]


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